When the Kids are Away, the Mama will Play

The kids went to Yaya’s house yesterday and, for a brief moment, I couldn’t recall any of the things that I always say I’ll do if only I had a moment alone. Luckily, after a few minutes of staring at the walls, I was able to pull myself together and figure it out.


So, I made a cup of coffee and drank it before it had a chance to get cold.

Then, I made another.

I took a shower with water that was hot. No one barged in to ask me a question or tell me a joke. No little person opened the door and then disappeared allowing all of the steam to leave the room.

I went to Target and ate popcorn without a two year old sticking her snot encrusted hand into the bag.

I ate a pack of M&Ms without hiding in the garage pretending to do laundry.

Sophia and Mommy

I figured out how to sync my printer to my Chromebook. {Thank you, Youtube.}

I read some of my Erma Bombeck book on my phone without anyone asking if they could play my dice game.

I put toys away and they stayed put away. {Who knew that was even a possibility?}

I went to the grocery store and no one asked for candy or decided to crawl on the floor like an earthworm.


I watched television that wasn’t animated.

I ate food I didn’t cook and didn’t even have to share.

I listened to a podcast without someone asking who is that, what did he say, is that on your phone, how do you know him, can I listen too, that’s kinda boring, why are you listening to that, can I play your dice game?

I made it through a whole afternoon without anyone crying because someone informed them they were “in the boy book.” {I don’t even know what that means but, whatever you do, don’t let anyone “make you look.”}

sophia sleeps

And, at the end of the day, I was a little tired of myself and ready for my peeps to be home.


Thoughts From a Snowed-in Mom: Day Two

It snowed ten inches Sunday night / Monday morning which means our whole town is basically shut down. {I’m pretty sure that folks in Ohio, where I’m from, would call this flurries and go on about their business.} I made a pre-snow trip to Walmart where I bought spinach dip, coffee and a deck of cards because priorities, y’all. I failed to purchase laundry detergent and, now, I’m forced to just sit on the couch and drink my coffee. Obviously, I am very disappointed because nothing puts me in my happy place quite like washing a load of clothes that I’m pretty sure no one actually wore.


I also have this knee issue that, according to Dr. Google, is called “handmaid’s knee” which cracks me up because what does that even mean? It is commonly found in carpet layers, plumbers and housewives. This makes total sense to me. I mean, when folks ask “what I do”, sometimes I say stay at home mom. Other times, I say that I’m a plumber because they are basically one and the same. My husband, however, did a more legitimate inquiry and, by that, I mean that he went to WebMD.

It turns out that it is more of a bursitis issue which sounds like something that needs the word “the” in front of it. I have the bursitis. Yes, that sounds much more accurate.

So, today is day two of being snowed in. The kids are excited about going outside in a bit and building an igloo. This means that I will spend fifteen minutes getting everyone into their snow gear and, then, I’ll have a good fifteen minutes before they all come in asking for hot cocoa. Their dad will join them because he is such a good sport. I would go out but, what with the bursitis and all and also this pesky desire I have to stay in front of the fireplace.


If you find yourself snowed in or without laundry to do, this is only day two of the If:Equip study of Hebrews. Grab your hot beverage and head on over.

When Every First is a Last

Every one of her firsts will be a last for me.


The last time I’ll see my baby’s first smile.

The last time I’ll hear my baby’s first word.

The last time I’ll watch my baby’s first step.

Each stage that passes will be one that I won’t get to do over.

Formula to solid foods.

Bottle to sippy cup.

From diapers to pull ups.

sophia and mommy 2

Already, I can tell that it is all moving so fast. I knew it would. I mean, I look at my ten year old and think when did this lovely young lady show up and where is the pudgy baby that I would take to Wednesday night suppers at church and parade around as if no one had ever seen a baby before? Could we all just slow down a minute, for crying out loud?

But, alas, the days keep passing and the newbornness of my baby is gone and she’s all coos and drools. Something inside me is screaming more babies, more babies and I think why not? Then, I remember the conversation with the doctor and the look on her face {following the fifth c-section} when she said, “We really can’t take you apart and put you back together anymore.” Apparently, I am not a Mr. Potato Head. Since I really do not want to have to carry my bladder in my purse, {because, as my ten year old pointed out, what in the world would I do if someone stole my purse?} I know that I am done.

So, here I am, packing up baby clothes. Something I have done many times in the past ten years but, this time, instead of putting them in the attic, they will go into my van and be driven to a donation center. And someone else’s baby will be wearing a onesie that says My First Christmas.


Let’s Talk Trash

It’s Wednesday, sweet friends. I don’t know what that means for you. For me, however, it means trash day.

I find trash day to be a funny thing. I mean, I want it to come because a family of seven produces a whole. lot. of. trash. Yet, I dread the whole trash removal process. The emptying of the various household trash cans. The attempt to make it all fit in the big, green receptacle which always seems to smell like death. The art of rolling it to the curb while only touching it with the tips of your fingers because, hello, it’s a large pile of trash that smells like death. free 2

I began thinking about this last night as I kept my husband awake until 2:00 a.m. purging my mind of all the worries I had been hoarding for several weeks. See, we all have trash. We all have issues that we need to tie up, take to the curb and leave. It’s not always that easy, is it? We just want to hold on to our trash and pretend that it doesn’t stink. Sometimes, however, we need someone to speak truth. Someone must stand up and say the emperor has no clothes or, in our case, tell us that our trash does stink.

I started thinking about why it is so difficult to be honest about the trash in our lives. Why are we so desperate to appear put together and, well, trash-less? Here is what I have come up with.

  1. I can’t stand my own trash, so I can only imagine that others are totally grossed out by it. The truth, however, is that our trash is not that different. If we, in the body of Christ, could be honest with each other – we would find that my trash looks an awful lot like yours.
  2. It’s usually more than I can handle on my own. Life was not meant to be a solo. We need each other. Life is messy and we can’t drag all of our trash to the curb on our own.
  3. Right now, my bathroom trash cans are full because it just seemed like too much work to drag it all out at once. We want to get rid of a little trash and, still, hang on to a little trash. It just doesn’t work that way. We must give it all to Him knowing that He can dispose of it properly.
  4. I never want to be seen actually rolling the can to the curb because I am often embarrassed by the amount of trash. Have I already said that life is messy? Because it totally is messy and sticky and smelly. Satan is all about the shame game. He wants you to hide your trash and be embarrassed by it. Christ is all about grace. He wants you to pour out your trash before Him and let Him make it beautiful.
  5. I never deal with the trash on Tuesday evening. That would be the sensible thing to do. No, I wait until Wednesday morning when the kids are demanding breakfast, the baby is crying, I’m in my pajamas and I can hear the garbage truck a couple of doors down. Don’t do that. Deal with it before it becomes an issue. Ya feel me?
  6. Once you have taken something to the curb, you don’t go back and dig through the trash to find it. At least, you should not do that. Once you hand it over to God, there are no take-backs. It’s His. Let it be.

So, today, let’s just be honest and quit pretending that we don’t all have trash. ‘Kay? Let’s pause and ask God to reveal those things that we need to remove from our hearts, minds and homes. You have trash and it’s okay because I do, too. But, if we would just open up to one another, we could work together and take it to the curb.

*Repost from the archives

Mom Talk Monday: Wholly His

I mess this mothering thing up all the time. That is not false modesty. I don’t say that hoping for responses telling me how great I am. It is just truth.

I spend too much time tidying up messes that will reappear and not even time enjoying moments that will never come again. I am too quick to say, “Go play“, when I should be saying, “Come sit.”

Breakfast table

I get caught up in the to-dos of motherhood.

Feed the baby.

Change the diaper.

Fold the laundry.

Make the dinner.

And I, often, miss out on the pure joy of motherhood.

Playing Uno.

Tickles and giggles.

Reading stories.

Making messes.

I make mistakes. I make adjustments. I learn as I go.

scripture doodle

There is one area where we, as mothers, can not fall short.

We must be completely committed to God. We must be faithful in our walk. Not perfect, mind you. Just faithful.

Not one of these men of this evil generation shall see the good land that I swore to give to your fathers, except Caleb. He shall see it, and to him and to his children I will give the land on which he has trodden, because he has wholly followed the Lord. – Deuteronomy 1:35-36

Do you see it? When we wholly follow the Lord, the blessings extend to our children as well.

What was it that this evil generation did that stopped them from seeing the good land?

They chose fear over faith.

They chose timidity over trust.

They focused on what they could see instead of what God had promised.

And they paid dearly for it.


I, for one, choose faith.

I choose trust.

I choose the promises of God.

I choose these things for myself because I am desperate for Him. But I also choose these things because I want my children to receive the blessings that come because they had a mama who wholly followed the Lord.

Be brave.

Be bold.

Be wholly his.